Infills – How often should you have them?

Eyelash Extensions infills


Has the thought ‘why do I need lash infills’, ever crossed your mind?

Infills are advised every 3 weeks but we all differ in growth rates and hair shedding. If you are a new client who has just has a full set then we would strongly suggest an infill at 3 weeks however some clients will go to 4 weeks.

The falling lash cycle:

1º Week – You will lose about 21 lashes
2º Week – You will lose about 42 lashes
3º Week – You will lose about 63 lashes

Lash extensions that have grown 2-3mm from the lash line will need removing. These lashes would generally be removed using tweezers rather than removing solutions if possible. We would look to replenish the natural lashes back to a full set.

If you wait too long before having an infill it is likely that you will need a new set of lashes. A sparse set of extensions, will of course require more time from your lash artist to make your lashes a lovely full set again.