What exactly are Eyelash Extensions?

Individual synthetic or natural mink lashes affixed to individual eye lashes one at a time with a small amount of lash adhesive.

How are they applied?

Lower lashes are taped down out of the way using collagen eye pads for safety and relaxation, these reduce dark circles, puffiness and fine lines then each eye lash is isolated with fine tweezers, then the extension is attached to that lash and allowed to dry in place for a few seconds.

How long will an application take?

Half set forty five minutes but depending on the desired look a full set will take no longer than an hour and a half, a more dramatic effect allow two hours no longer.

How long do the extensions normally last for?

If the correct maintenance is adhered to then your lashes should last three weeks, however with natural lash loss its advised tip top up every two to three weeks ensuring your lashes look tip top at all times.

Once applied, how can I treat the lashes to maximise the lifespan of the extensions?

The adhesive takes several hours to fully dry so its advised not to touch or get them wet for 24 hours. avoid swimming, steam rooms and saunas for up to 48 hours if possible. You should not need to use mascara but appreciate as the lashes minimize this will be tempting, in this case use a cotton bud to remove it with a non oil based make up remover. Do not use eye lash curlers either as these will break the adhesive bond.

Will the treatment damage my own natural lashes?

Our natural lash cycle is 45 to 90 days, we regenerate a new lash so your natural lashes will continue to flourish after extensions have fallen out.

Is the treatment painful?

No this treatment is not painful, clients have been known to fall asleep whilst extensions are applied. we provide a soft reclining bed for your comfort along with a blanket to keep you warm and cozy, once the treatment starts it never feels like over an hour to perform.

Can I still wear makeup?

Yes you can wear eye makeup its simply the removal of it that can cause the lash line to become damaged so take care when removing it, no rubbing the lashes with wipes or cotton wool do take care and they will still look great for days to come.

What are infills?

As our lashes naturally fall out a new lash will regrow therefor an extension can be applied to those new lashes this means your lashes can remain full and pristine at all times, the longer you delay having infills the lash line will become patchy so maintenance and infills are important to achieve stunning lashes.

Are the products that you use safe?

Yes we only use professional products fully tested and continue to look out for higher quality products for our customers satisfaction. We would never use products on customer that we wouldn’t use on ourselfs.

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