Check out this Ultimate Eyelash Extension Course in Eastbourne!

Everyone wants beautiful, thick eyelashes, however, this won’t happen unless we use a massive amount of Mascara, which usually ends up getting all clumped, and after a long hectic day seems like a task to take it off before going to sleep. Many women think that the only way to achieve those alluring thick and dark lashes is through mascara, but that is definitely not true. Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent lashes that are attached and hand glued to your natural lash hair and have become quite popular with millennial beauty enthusiasts right now. They are a step above sticking on false lashes and are known to last for many weeks. To help you with this new trend which seems to set its roots around us we have come up with Eyelash Extension Course in Eastbourne.

As Eyelash Extensions are the new beauty trend, why not be a part of this ever-growing beauty industry jump start your career with in-depth knowledge of EyeLash Extensions and gain more clients by learning with us, also learn our signature steps.

Strategize and check out our tried and tested tricks to build an extremely profitable business.

Eyelash extensions are very much the rage and it is our duty to prepare our students for customer demands.


What does our Eyelash Extension Course offer?

We offer everything you need to be the ultimate EyeLash Extension professional under one roof.

Our Eyelash Extension course covers the history of lash extensions, the anatomy structure of the lash, which determines how soon your client should come back for fills, lash shampoos, and retail options to increase your revenue by offering take-home care, lash glues, the different strengths and length retention.

All the training will be given by  Lashtique owner & Master Technician Martina who has been in the industry gaining knowledge and experience for more than 12 years now and the credentials of a fully qualified trainer. Ever since Martina first committed to establishing her bespoke training academy the Lashtique brand has seen heights of new growth through the strength in the network of newly trained lash technicians. 

We commit to train highly skilled lash technicians which means that a certification of Eyelash Extension Course in Eastbourne from Lashtique will always be accounted a reflection of talent for our students. As soon as you are accredited, your new skills will be associated with our premium brand.

If you are in Crawley, Eastbourne, Brighton, Sussex, Kent & Surrey and are seriously looking for Professional EyeLash Extension training Lashtique is where you’ve got to be.

Eyelash Extension Course in Eastbourne

Eyelash Extension Course in Eastbourne

Why be with us, you say?

Our master Technician provides premium training. Our course is a Beauty Guild Accredited Course with In-depth theory and practical knowledge. We conduct our batches in small numbers as it helps us to teach with focus and maximum attention. 

Benefits of being an EyeLash Technician:

As its popularity is stronger than ever in the versatile beauty service industry, a lash technician has become a new beauty care bestie to many across the globe.


  • You can be your own boss.

Even though it might be advisable to start your career at a well-known salon or lash studio to build a network and clientele, it is not necessary. It has been observed many lash technicians consider going into this business as a considerable goal. If you consider yourself a peppy and savvy person and you can establish yourself in the industry, getting a job in such a case will be a task only at your fingertips.

  • Work as per your schedule

Fexibility is a reward to the people working in the beauty industry, similarly, it works wonders for a lash technician. You can initiate scheduling appointments at your convenience from the beginning of your career itself. If you are an early bird, you can consider taking clients who might want to get extensions done before going to work. If you are into burning the midnight oil, you can consider appointments after work or you can work on a split schedule and work at your convenience.

  • Create a business with a low startup cost

With the Eyelash Extension Course in Eastbourne Choosing a career as an Eyelash Extension Technician is probably inexpensive compared to starting some other business. The cost of equipment and training is relatively less as there is no need to invest in a storefront or lease out physical places initially. This fact makes this business an easily considerable choice.


  • Opportunities for growth

Once you start to get a hang of the business and the business model there are a number of opportunities to expand it. You can consider expanding into other beauty services facials and makeup and then eventually consider developing your own line of products and earning by marketing it. This can be a boost in your business as it not only increases your income but also will help you to develop as a professional.