Lash Extension Removal: How to Safely Remove Your Extensions at Home

Imagine achieving that beautiful, dark, and thick eyelash with EyeLash Extensions that you’ve been eyeing for the longest time.  But now it’s been a while and your beautiful lashes are turning into a mess as you need to get rid of them you’ve tried many DIY Lash Extension removal techniques but you need to BE AWARE! As these DIY techniques can sometimes go very wrong it is always advisable to get these lash extensions removed only from professionals.

Although such scenarios might occur where you decide to remove the extensions at home, Keep these tricks in mind to avoid any mishap with your lash removal experience.

Remember when your stylist told you to never use any oil-based makeup remover, guess what are we going to use for eyelash extension removal at home- OILS!

Dig into your pantry and get that bottle of oil as it helps to break down the adhesive which is applied while applying Eyelash extensions causing poor extension retention.

Let’s tear them down one by one:

Step 1: Wash your face

Just like your normal routine, wash your face gently, but be sure not to scrub near the eye area as you may end up causing more damage.

We just need to get rid of any leftover eye makeup or mascara that might have been left on the extensions.

Step 2: Steam your face

Put steaming hot water in a large bowl, place your face over it, and put a towel to cover your head to keep the steam in.

Let the steam do its work for 15 minutes as it’ll help loosen up the bonds of eyelash extension glue.

Step 3: Heat the Oil to a Lukewarm Temperature

Put the warm Oil in a bowl. It is observed that using Coconut Oil can give optimum results in removing lash extensions other than vegetable oil, castor oil, olive oil, and others can be used.

Now warm up the oil a bit, but make sure that you don’t end up heating it over as you’ll be applying it to a highly sensitive area. 

You can check the warmth of the oil by dipping your finger, if it’s okay to touch then it is good to go.

Step 4: Soak the Cotton Pads

Take two cotton pads and soak them up in the warm oil. After that place it on the eyes, over the lashes.

Let it sit for around five to ten minutes or as long as the cotton pads are cooled down. Gently rub your upper lash line lightly with the oily pad and let the oil sit on the extensions for another couple of minutes.  If not cotton pads you can also use a lint-free applicator to apply oil directly on your eyelashes.



Step 5: Remove the Extensions:

Wipe your lash line gently again with the same cotton pad. Now you can see that a few of the lash extensions have started to fall off and the others are visible on the cotton pad.

BE CAREFUL with this step, if the extensions don’t fall off, don’t try to pull them as it is attached to your natural lashes you might end up damaging them.

Lash Extension Removal

Lash Extension Removal

Products to be used to remove Eyelash Extension


Here is the list of various kinds of Oils which can help you remove the lash extensions at home:

  • Coconut Oil
  • Castor Oil
  • Olive Oil
  • Baby Oil
  • Mineral Oil
  • Vaseline

Let’s see whether they work or not.

Can Coconut Oil Remove Eyelash Extensions?

When it comes to DIY lash Extension removal, Coconut Oil is the most safest and practical choice. Because of its properties, the oil helps to loosen the adhesive bond between the natural lashes and the extensions,  which allows a smooth removal process. It also prevents the damage done to the lashes.

Coconut Oil is great and effective when you use it for removing lashes with a cotton pad.

Can Olive Oil Remove Eyelash Extensions?

Just like Coconut Oil, Olive Oil is a popular choice for removing lash extensions. Similar to the process with Coconut Oil, get some Extra Virgin Olive Oil and warm it up. Place the cotton pads as required on your eyes and continue with the stepwise guide to it. 

The only issue with the usage of Olive oil is it will not work as fast as the lash adhesive remover so there will be multiple rounds of soaking and rolling over the eyelashes.

Can Vaseline Remove Eyelash Extensions?

Due to its greasy texture, Vaseline is not recommended for eyelash extension removal, also as it is not a solvent for the lash adhesive and it’ll not break the bond.

Can Professional Eyelash Extension Remover be of help in removing Eyelash Extensions?

Strictly No!

Do not use Professional Eyelash Extension Remover all by yourself as a lash extension as it is uniquely formulated with very strong glue-dissolving properties. It should only be handled by a professional licensed and certified lash stylist.


To Wind Up

When a situation occurs that requires you to anyhow get rid of the extensions all by yourself, always consider the risks that come with this DIY.

Always go for natural products like Coconut Oil or Olive Oil. 

Never Engage with professional eyelash remover all by yourself as it bares too many risks.

Do Not Ever pull your eyelashes while removing them, You can lose your natural eyelashes as well.

In case you need any professional help with Eyelash Extensions connect with the professional and licensed stylists at Lashtique in Horsham, Crawley, Eastbourne, Reigate, Tunbridge Wells.