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What should your technician be doing?

At Lashtique we get new clients who have been recommended to us, many of these of had treatments elsewhere in the past. Its pretty clear that not all technicians (if you can call them that) providing this service are doing the job properly.

Here our Founder and Master Lash Artist Martina explains the things to check for during your treatment


  • Discuss What curl, what length and thickness, shape and notes.


  • Once you have decided on the desired look, the technician should then prepare the lash palette.


  • They should be shaking the glue for a minimum of 60 seconds ensuring the liquid is 100% black and not clear and black.


  • Check client is comfortable and has used the bathroom before you start.


  • Ensure natural lashes are clean using either lash shampoo or protein remover pads.


  • Cover all lover lashes with tape, gel pads or microfoam. Cover only the bottom lashes and not the water line, use extra tape to secure the pads etc if required.


  • Place one drop of adhesive on a jade stone.


  • Isolate the desired natural lash.


  • Take the chosen lash extension; dip the base of the lash in the adhesive controlling the amount.


  • Apply the extension to the isolated natural lash at the recommended distance from the lid. Once the lash has been applied hold the isolation for 2-3 seconds to allow the adhesive to cure, then release the natural lashes and isolate on the opposite eye.


  • Regularly brush the extensions throughout the treatment.


  • Once the desired look is complete check through the lashes for sickies.


  • Fan the eye area to circulate the fumes.


  • Gently remove the tape, pad or microfoam.


  • Brush through again and hand the client a mirror.


Its a long list but its really important these steps are followed to ensure a first class experience and the desired result. Lashes are not cheap so its important you are happy with the service provided.