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Fancy a career in Lash Extensions?

Are you looking for a career change? Perhaps you love makeup and are keen to transform this from a passion into a full business that you can profit from. If this is your dream, then you need to make sure that you gain the right skills and learn the latest techniques so you can provide the treatments modern customers want. At Lashtique, we provide a great way for you to develop your skills, learning from the pros so that you can become one.


Find The Course You Need


Here at Lashtique, you will find both classic eyelash extension courses and Russian volume courses, as well as the Lash Lift and Tint course. All teach treatments that are incredibly popular with women today. You may have the basics of how to complete treatments like this. On our course, you will learn how to complete this treatment to the highest possible standards and ensure that you impress your customers.


Fast And Efficient


We know that your personal life is probably filled with commitments and you may be on a tight schedule. With our courses, you can learn the skills you need and perfect your art faster than you think. With a one day course, you can gain the experience you require and then put it to the test in the real world.


Whether you’re looking for a career change, keen to widen your skill set or you’re ready to break back into the business world with beauty treatments, we’re here to help. Get in touch now to learn more or sign up for a classic lashes course today.