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8 Tips on the best aftercare for your lashes

Lash Tips Aftercare


Following a treatment from one of our technicians your lashes will look and feel amazing. Its now important that you help them stay that way for as long as possible!

Here Founder and Master Lash Artist Martina Keep offers 8 Tips to make your lashes last longer.


  • Avoid contact with water for the first 12 hours better still 24hours.


  • If possible do not use saunas or steam rooms.


  • Clean lashes daily with foam lash cleanser, then rinse, pat dry then once the lashes have dried brush them through. This will aid retention of lash extensions and also more importantly avoid any infections such as Blephartis (white/yellowish gunk on the lash line)


  • Never use cotton wool on lash extensions.


  • Never use oil-based products on the eyes with extensions.


  • Waterproof makeup isn’t advised with lash extensions nor is mascara.


  • Avoid rubbing lashes and never pick lash extensions.


  • No other lash treatments whilst lash extension’s are on ie: tinting, lifting and wait for a minimum of 4 weeks if semi permanent make up has been applied.