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Lashtique is evolving!


Our story so far

Established in 2011, Lashtique is now the leading premium eyelash extension mobile service in the south. We pride ourselves on delivering high quality lashes to our clients in the comfort of their own home. We have seen significant growth in the last 2 years and can now boast over 2000 clients across Sussex, Surrey and Kent.


What do we now offer?


  • Lash treatments are on the increase and have been year on year for a decade or so.


  • Lash tint: changing the color of the natural lash.


  • Lash lift and tint: this is creating a permanent curl on the natural lash using perming chemicals followed by a lash tint.


  • Strip lashes or cluster lashes: a line or small bunch of synthetic hairs applied to the lash line using mild adhesive, daily use and removed easily.


  • Individual Lash extensions (semi permanent lash extensions): Using a stronger adhesive individual lashes are applied to the natural lash on a one to one basis adding length and thickness.


  • Volume Lash extensions (semi permanent lash extensions): Tailoring lash styles using a multiple lash fanning application process to each natural lash. A natural look through to a glamorous dramatic mega volume can be achieved using this technique.