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Eyelash Extensions in Kensington

Eyelash Extensions Services in Kensington

You can a book a treatment by either phone or directly through our website. To book a treatment by phone please call 07729 661698, to fill out our online booking form

If your lashes need a pick-me-up, our eyelash extensions service in Kensington is happy to do all the heavy lifting! Whether this is your first lash extension treatment or your 100th, you will be amazed at the results achieved through a one-hour session with one of our lash technicians.

Choose to be pampered in your own home or visit one of our trained and qualified technicians’ serene studio spaces; we offer a diverse set of lash treatments, including classic lashes for a naturally flawless finish, Russian volume lashes for vivacious glamour, hybrid lashes (a combination of classic lash extensions and Russian lashes) and lash lifts.

Whichever service you choose, you can wave goodbye to the strip lashes which can all too easily be lost in the breeze, clumpy home lash installations, and over-priced mascara, which never does what it says on the tin.

If you’re looking to minimise your morning make-up regime, or help getting ready for a big night out, your big day, or a far-flung holiday, contact us today and your lash woes can be left in the dust!

Classic Eyelash Extensions

Want to achieve a natural look while reaching your lash goals? Book a session with our mobile eyelash extensions technicians in Kensington, and your eyes which will immediately appear more awake and alert, won’t look back!

Each year, our lash extension specialists in Kensington become the answer to more people asking the question, how do I enhance the thickness, volume, curl, and length of my lashes? Even if you have found a mascara which has answered all your aesthetic prayers, our classic eyelash extensions service in Kensington is unparalleled by offering up to four weeks of subtly striking lashes!

Our sophisticated application technique, which each of our technicians has mastered after being accredited, utilises a robust bonding method, meticulously attaching each extension to an individual natural lash, creating an effortlessly enhanced lash appearance.

Recognising the unique nature of each set of eyelashes, we select extensions tailored in curl, length, and diameter to beautifully complement your specific eye shape and the natural architecture of your lashes.

To maintain your classic extensions, we advise arranging refill sessions every two to three weeks, in line with the natural shedding cycle of your lashes. Moreover, to ensure their longevity, it's crucial to adhere to a post-care regimen, which includes avoiding oil-based products near the eyes and gently caring for your lashes during cleaning.

Russian Volume Lashes

Amplify your lash allure and transform your look with Lashtique Russian volume lashes, which are a glamorous step up from traditional eyelash extensions. If your lashes lost out on the gene lottery, you don’t need to gamble on our service; regardless of how naturally sparse your natural lashes are, our Russian volume lashes offer a stunning solution, capable of adding extraordinary fullness and drama to your eyes.

At Lashtique, we prioritise your comfort and style, selecting the optimal lash length and curvature, ensuring a natural yet striking appearance without any clumping or undue strain on your natural lashes. Prepare to dazzle with a seamless, fan-like lash display that turns heads.

Crafted to be lighter and finer than classic extensions, our skilled technicians apply three lashes to each of your natural ones to create a luxurious 3D effect, exuding an air of elegance and intensity that lasts for up to four weeks, all while eliminating the hassle of constantly reapplying mascara which is doomed to smudge if you break into a sweat!

Thankfully, the “no pain, no gain” adage doesn’t apply here! The entire application process is a relaxing pain-free experience, which takes about an hour, from start to finish. Post-treatment, we'll guide you through a straightforward after-care routine to keep your lashes looking mesmerising.

About Joyce

Joyce stands out as one of Kensington's most sought-after Lashtique eyelash technicians, renowned for her expertise and the bespoke quality of her work. Her proficiency in lash artistry is apparent in every precise application of classic and Russian lashes. Joyce's studio is an oasis of tranquillity, perfectly equipped for a relaxing lash transformation experience.

Alternatively, she offers the ultimate convenience by bringing her exceptional skills directly to you, transforming your home into a personal beauty retreat as a mobile technician. Regardless of the setting, Joyce's artistic touch ensures unparalleled results, making her a top choice for those seeking the finest eyelash enhancements in Kensington.

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Joyce Chelsea Lash Technician


Senior Eyelash Technician

Having worked in several clinical roles, Joyce has accumulated a wide range of experience and thoroughly recognises that client care is of paramount importance. Joyce specialises in natural eyelash extensions, allowing her clients to feel naturally beautiful with an elegant and classy finish.

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Groups Welcome

If you are in a group and looking for a group session then we would love to hear from you. We can cater for parties for up to 6 and will carry out the treatments in one morning or afternoon, this type of treatment is a perfect gift for a friends birthday. Lashtique can also cater for wedding parties and hen nights, please contact us for more information

Bookings & Enquiries

You can a book a treatment by either phone or directly through our website. To book a treatment by phone please call 07729 661698, to fill out our online booking form, to make a general enquiry or ask us a question  please feel free to complete our enquiry form and one of our team will respond within 30 minutes.

Other areas covered

Lashtique also provide eyelash treatments in the towns and surrounding villages of Haywards Heath, Burgess Hill, Horsham, Dorking, Lewes, Uckfield, Crowborough, Chichester, Hailsham, Tunbridge Wells, Heathfield, Sevenoaks, East Grinstead, Horley, Eastbourne, Crawley, Chelsea and Kensington. We have fully qualified technicians accredited by the Beauty Guild having passed eyelash extension courses available 7 days a week with evening booking’s available. We now also offer lash products and training.

Things to Do in Kensington

Local Sight Seeing

Kensington is a treasure trove of historical and cultural landmarks. The iconic Kensington Palace, which has been a residence of the Royal Family since the 17th century, is not just a marvel of architecture but also a repository of royal history. The nearby Kensington Gardens provide a serene backdrop, perfect for leisurely strolls. The Natural History Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum are must-visits for those keen on delving into natural wonders and decorative arts. For science enthusiasts, the Science Museum offers interactive exhibits and insights into technological advancements.


Kensington High Street blends high-end brands with unique boutiques. The area is known for its fashionable stores, offering everything from contemporary fashion to bespoke jewellery. For a more eclectic shopping experience, Kensington Church Street is lined with antique shops and art galleries, perfect for finding unique treasures.


Kensington's culinary scene is as diverse as its culture. From Michelin-starred restaurants like Kitchen W8 offering exquisite European cuisine to cosy cafes and bistros serving international dishes, there's something to satisfy every visitor. The area is also home to charming pubs and wine bars, ideal for a relaxed evening out, or if you would prefer to save your budget for the wares in the labyrinth of stores which ooze opulence!


For those seeking wellness and fitness, Kensington boasts a range of high-end gyms and yoga studios. Equinox Kensington offers a luxurious fitness experience, while studios such as Core Collective provide a variety of yoga and Pilates classes, catering to all kinds of fitness enthusiasts. The area's leisure offerings are a perfect blend of relaxation and invigoration, making Kensington an ideal destination for those looking to balance sightseeing with self-care.

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